Owen Williams


Hi, I’m Owen and welcome to my portfolio

I’ve drawn all my life but didn’t take it too seriously until my mid teens when I realised that all I wanted to do was make cartoons. I studied classical animation at University and gradually developed my style from the animation principles taught. After a few years working as an illustrator for a company in North Wales, I completed my Masters degree in CG Animation and from that, decided my passion was in the design department of animation production.

I love seeing designs with caricature and stylisation, and as an animation nut, proudly immerse myself in its culture by watching, playing, collecting and drawing as much as I can.

I’ve worked in both the animation and video games industries and I’m currently working in the animation industry as a designer. I’ve worked at several high profile studios, including Aardman, Brown Bag Films, Cosgrove Hall, Tiger Aspect, A Productions and Cartoon Network. I recently finished working on a new Nickelodeon series at Brown Bag and another career highlight was being the Production Designer on a Disney/Aardman series.

I’m always keen to hear about new projects and connect with other pros via LinkedIn:

For my videogame work, please check out: